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Spring Into Action!

By Pamela Penney | Apr 19, 2021

I sit here listening as the weather forecaster on the news this evening warns us of one more bit of snow coming this week. Ugh. Part of me wants to crawl back under the covers for a few days. But another part of me has been loving the tulips, daffodils, and magnolia who have already…

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Bleeding Hearts for Justice

By Pamela Penney | Feb 13, 2021

As a Valentine’s Gift to you I am thrilled to publish this free pattern for my Bleeding Hearts Lace Collar. Yes, I offer this for no monetary expense, but I do request one simple act.  As you use this pattern I request that you practice a heart centeredness.  As you enjoy the relaxation of knitting…

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A Stitch In Time Saves : The Original Stitch

By Pamela Penney | Sep 5, 2019

Nearing the age of five I was witness to what at that age seemed to be miraculous.  Month by month my mother’s belly grew larger until it was explained to me that she was “growing a baby” in there.  I would sit next to her and feel the moving of lumps and bumps within her…

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