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Yarn Spinning as Moving Meditation

I am excited to launch my Spring 2021 Spin to Activate 6 Week Adventure Starting May 11, 2021. Please click the button below to go to our course page and learn more.  Registration open until May 9, 2021.

All of my courses, books and consulting can now be accessed on my new course platform.  Click the link below to find out more information!

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Artist and Stitch Witch, Pamela Penney's desire to explore a variety of techniques and materials while incorporating saved, salvaged and sustainable materials whenever possible influence and inspire her decorative and wearable art creations.

Read Pam's Sp-Inspiration Blog

Read the Stitch in Time Saves Blog to see what is currently inspiring Pam's work.  She is passionate about sharing her magic, inspiration and techniques with all aspiring "stitch witches" who care to come along on her adventures!

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Curious about Yarn Spinning as a contemplative practice and moving meditation?  Want to find out how it could help you?  Join Pam for a 55 minute Online Discovery Session ~

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"I have taken three private sewing classes  with Pamela so far and I love her! Her simple and engaging instructional style immediately put you at ease."

- Kandice K.

"She was great at instructing them (kids) so that even the ones who had never sewed anything before were able to create the project.  They learned something, and they created a cute item to take home. Definitely recommended."

- Julie C.

"I don’t have enough words of praise and gratitude to Pamela for creating and filling a huge, custom order for our eco-friendly Easter Egg hunt! The egg shakers are beautiful and made all of our children so very happy! Super responsive and super fast shipping! Thank you!"

Maria S. (Etsy.com)

About Us

As Artist, Arts Educator and Stitch Witch~ Pamela Penney has spiraled up a career path in Fiber and Mixed Media Arts for over 30 years.  She is passionate about sharing her magic, experience and textile art techniques with adults and children.  Find out more HERE.

Pam's Studio is located just outside Chicago, Illinois where she creates and sells her artwork.  She offers classes & workshops at locations around the Chicagoland area as well as online workshops and private appointments.

Please email her at pam@pamelapenney.com for more information.


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