March Madness (mine!)

My husband shares with me his insights into current sporting events, even though I’m sure after 40ish years together he knows I only feign a bit of interest.  This does however open dialogue and conversation on something he is passionate about.  From what he has shared, I guess this year the college basketball tournament is not as engaging for him as it has been in the past (although he is still watching the games each day!)  Apparently, University of Michigan is still in it after round one, so he’s still following, even though he did not fill out a bracket (rare for him in all the years I’ve known him).


So, why do I start with all of that (a topic that doesn’t particularly interest me?)  Because I’m feeling a bit of my own madness.  And my teaching, studio art practice and community work aren’t topics that engage my husband in conversation for long…so I must unload on you, here.


We are “opening up again” in new ways after two years of the covid-19 pandemic.  Masks are coming off, summer travel plans are in the works.  And I am still most days content to be in solitude in my studio, with my weaving, painting or stitching.  Recently, I too have started to venture out. Just this past week  several opportunities presented themselves.  It did feel good and exhilarating to be in the company of people, in “real life”.  And yet it also felt a bit exhausting.  So, I’m still working to find the right balance for a self-diagnosed introvert.


I was invited to facilitate a fiber art project with the elementary and middle school art teachers for our local school district, 16 adults for two hours.  They had an “institute day” and wanted to have a fun break that would include some creative time for themselves and an opportunity to all get together in one place.  They are usually spread around at several school locations.  We met in one of the school art rooms and I led them through a simple wet-felted shaker egg project, showed them the basics of hand-spinning yarn with a drop spindle and then set them loose with needle-felting.  This was a great group to be inspired by as well as hoping I opened some of them up to some new materials and processes to inspire them. 

The rest of the week involved assisting in an after school art program (By Discovery), facilitating an open “stitch night” at the Oak Park Art League (Knot a Problem), attending a board of directors meeting and today some welcome solitude in my studio.


I have been challenged by the images coming out of Ukraine and I think this also weighs on my spirit and adds to my exhaustion.  I deal with it in the way I process things, in the studio.  Earlier this month I blended this fiber batt with the prayers for those whose lives have been affected by this “madness”, and spun it on my Nano Electric Eel Wheel.  Yarn spinning always centers me and gives me time to reflect.  It really put my own madness in perspective. I feel gratitude for the privileges and relative ease in my life and realize that doing what I can to stay balanced, centered and be a creative inspiration is what I need, and perhaps what the world needs too.  

I would love to have you join me and my Wyrd Sisters Under the Willows for our March 2022 Ostara event (free online) where we combine our talents to offer self-care and inspiration with celebrations around the Wheel of the Year.  Find out more HERE.  Working with my sisters, Brenda and Beth during this past year to create the gift of these online events has kept me focused on something I can do within a like minded community, offering gifts and sharing support.  Please join our Wyrd Sisterhood, it is sure to ease some of your March Madness too. 

If you would like to try making some of the felted wool eggs with me, I have a step by step instructional video on YouTube HERE.

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