Days 20 to 27 of Leave, Weave, Discard or Donate



Days 20 to 27 of LEAVE, WEAVE, DISCARD or DONATE my at home artist’s residency:

Time is getting away from me this week!  All is good, I’m just getting lost in my weaving, which I’d rather be doing than posting/writing.  But, it was my intention at the start of this process to keep a good record of the progress.  So, here are the highlights of this past week. (You can see more details on my instagram HERE)

○ My weaving on the large pipe loom out on the deck has gone from this:


○ To this (the weather has been ideal this week for working outdoors):


○ I started another small weaving for A Summer of Tapestry with Rebecca Mezoff using the prompt “weaving a story”.  I think you can even start to read it!


○ Watch as I weave Day 27 of answering the questions of WHEN do we…
• resolve the issue of climate change?
• create safer communities with restrictions on high powered guns and ammunition?
• protect the rights of all humans to have choice over their own bodies?
• put policies in place that stop the ever widening wealth gap?
• and so many other concerns facing our world today…


• and Fiona wants to know WHEN? I will stop weaving and play ball!

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