Days 14, 15 & 16: Leave, Weave, Discard or Donate

I’ve fallen a bit behind in my blog posts here.  No worries, you can always join me over in my Instagram @a_stitch_in_time_saves where I stay a little more up to date! Here are the highlights from the last few days of LEAVE, WEAVE, DISCARD or DONATE my at home artist’s residency:

Day 14: I finished my week two tapestry for A Summer of Tapestry with Rebecca Mezoff. I was able to take both tapestries off the loom (I used the same warp for both weavings) The prompt for the Daylily tapestry is “color”. The prompt for the Cattails weaving is ” Line & Form”. I’m learning a lot from this process!

○ My Creativity Oracle card today is “Sacred Space”. It prompts me to devote space for my creative activities. And while it’s rather cluttered right now, my little studio is devoted to my endeavors. It also states that wherever we create is “sacred”. I couldn’t agree more. I was able to spend some time early in the day on a bit more twining on my large loom weaving. But as the morning sun moved over my head it was a hotter and more humid day and I had to move into the studio. So, not much more there to see yet.


Day 15: Fiona and Stormy inspected and approved some additional warping done today. It was hot and humid again, which limited my outdoor work to just an hour today. I’m very close to starting the actual weaving!

○ My Creativity Oracle today was Secrets again. I have ideas, I’m not ready to share. You’ll have to be patient!

○ I finished another Circle weaving for Reclaim the Void.


Day 16: Today there are high heat and humidity alerts across the country. It kept me from weaving out on the deck, the humidity was high even early this morning.

○ So, I sorted through some potential weft materials and organized them by the colors I plan to use. (My colors seem to match the weather map above!)

○ I also started a little natural dyeing project…more on that later!

○ I had to go buy groceries, so I finally dropped off the 2 large garbage bags full of towels and old rugs to @animalcareleague . They said they are running low, so if you are in the area and have some old blankets or towels they will gladly accept them!

○ Creativity Oracle today was “Belief”. I’m questioning my old habits and patterns. I’m also really trying to examine what I believe I need (to keep in my basement!) The discard and donate part of the residency is not the fun part, but every time I haul more out I feel a bit more free.

From the Creativity Oracle by Farber and Zerner

○ So, there you have it, now you are up to date with my last few days…The weather remains extremely hot, climate change is real and concerning. I hope to get back outside to the large loom in the next few days…

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