Day 9: Leave, Weave, Discard or Donate

Day 9 of LEAVE, WEAVE, DISCARD or DONATE my at home artist’s residency:

○ Started the morning by tying the crocheted “WHEN?” to the loom. I like where this is going! I originally created this in response to the Parkland School Shooting. It has had a few transformations since then. But, this will be it’s NOW!

○ Spent the morning pulling weeds and trimming hedges. The weather was just too ideal not to take advantage of getting those chores done.

○ My next door neighbor called me mid-day (yes on the phone, remember getting real calls?) She just wanted to say she loves living next to me! She’s enjoying watching me “looming” outside her window. I was worried she might think I’m peeping, even though there are curtains. She can’t wait to watch my weaving progress. You can see how close my loom is to her window!

○ I made some progress on re-stitching the braided rug made by my daughter which I found earlier this week in the basement cleaning project. She made it for her first apartment, but left it here after one of her moves. I washed it and now I think it needs a little reinforcement stitching and some adjustments to help it lie flat.  It was a good “rest project” after the yard work.

○ Finished warping the large loom late this afternoon and was even able to get two picks of soumak across the bottom to hold the warp spacing and the crocheted piece in place.

○ Beautiful weather today, I want to keep stitching on this rug out here on the deck, but Fiona would rather I stop and play some ball with her (can you see her peeking through the bushes?) Creativity Oracle: TIME  Seems like a perfect message today as I combine my older work (WHEN?) into me current project. “Circle back to explore concepts from the past and create the future.”

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