Day 8: Leave, Weave, Discard or Donate

Day 8 of LEAVE, WEAVE, DISCARD or DONATE, my at home artist’s residency:

○ Started the day at the dermatologist. Removed 2 moles (TMI? Thankfully, no pictures!)

○ Across the street was Goodwill. I dropped 3 bags of donations! Of course I then went in to “browse”. Found treasures: an electric roaster that I can use for fiber and yarn dyeing ($13) . A new crock insert for my old crock pot ($3 -also for dyeing!)
And a wooden kids art kit ($4)……

○ I removed the art supplies in order to hold my travel weaving supplies. Wooden looms fit (if I remove the stand, my little copper loom could fit instead) I think it will make a good travel weaving work surface and it fits in my backpack.

○ I moved the art supplies into a plastic container with a hinged lid that I found at the dollar store today. I was looking for more twine which they didn’t have. So, stopped at the hardware store for that. Should be able to finish warping the big loom tomorrow.

○ I finished the day by removing the 52 ribbons from my piece “WHEN?” And put it to soak over night…more on that tomorrow too.

○ Creativity Oracle: “Wish Granted” (Finding just what I needed at Goodwill & Dollar Store!)

○ A beautiful sunset to end the day…this may be inspiration for another little #summeroftapestry piece.
Weather was warm (mid-80s) and sunny all day.

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