Day 4: Leave, Weave, Discard or Donate

Day 4 of “LEAVE, WEAVE, DISCARD or DONATE” my at home artist’s residency.

○ I started warping the large loom out on the deck. Temperatures were in the 70s and the humidity dropped as the day went on. A bit of rain mid-day sent me indoors. Warp about 1/3 done…

○ I was joined by another weaver this morning. She’s adding more fiber to the nest in the neighbor’s downspout. She seemed a bit skeptical about my proximity.

○ Today was the release of the 1st prompt (#color) for #summeroftapestry with @rebeccamezofftapestry
My inspiration was the orange daylilies blooming now. I thought I was just going to do a striped weaving using the colors in proportion to my photo…but decided to play with abstract shapes with an homage to the lily’s petals.
Tapestry: 2″×2″ 14 epi.

○ My yellow hibiscus gifted me a yellow bloom today too.  My Creativity Oracle (by Farber & Zerner) was “FEAR” #1.  Fear of failure or fear of success?  NOW is a time for action. Fear, although its intention is to keep you safe, actually hinders progress and growth.  Weather is ideal this evening and looking good for the weekend!

○ No pictures of the yummy blackberries I picked…maybe tomorrow.

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