Day 17, 18 & 19: Leave, Weave, Discard or Donate

Day 17 of LEAVE, WEAVE, DISCARD or DONATE my at home artist’s residency:

○ It wasn’t a very productive day, very hot and humid. I didn’t even draw a Creativity Oracle…

○ But, I ended the day with “Knot a Problem” a fiber art evening at the Oak Park Art League. Got a chance to view the current exhibit “Small Works” including my random woven piece “Poppy”. More Circle Weavings for Reclaim the Void were made!

Day 18:

○ I started weaving on the large loom on the deck this morning early, trying to beat the heat! Fiona had other plans for me, but I made a little progress despite her distractions. By 9 am the sun was up between the houses and I was ready for a shower.

○ Went back out after dinner and added a few more passes, but then we got a little rain shower. It was a nice relief, but leaves me yearning to have more time out at the loom.

○ Creativity Oracle card today is “Obstacles”. This is a reminder to keep focusing on my goals. If I am doing that there is no time to think about the obstacles in my way. “Overcoming and unblocking obstacles gives rise to your creativity”. Right now the heat and humidity are my greatest obstacles, and I knew when I set this up that they probably would be…I’ll just have to get creative in overcoming them!

Day 19:

○ Started the day by sorting through some old articles and paperwork from the basement. Items from the late 90s & early 2000s. I saved an interesting article about textile artist Cora Meek, who at age 106 years was having an exhibit in Chicago. “Fancy Work: The Domestic Textiles of Cora Meek” She passed away in 2001 at 111 years old. She is today’s inspiration.

○ I started and finished a tiny tapestry for A Summer of Tapestry with Rebecca Mezoff based on the 3rd week’s prompt: Weave a Feeling. My feeling today was “ennui”. I chose a few colors of my handspun wool bits that evoked that feeling. I did some of the weaving out on the deck and liked how the colors picked up similar shades in my Rose of Sharon blossoms. The shapes in the weaving were an attempt to express feeling “off center”.

○ My Creativity Oracle card today is “Reflection”. Interesting because I also pulled the Hermit card from my tarot deck. Today was a perfect day of rest, reflecting (looking at old paperwork!) and restorative weaving.

○ Weather today was hot and humid again, but there was a nice breeze and I could weave in the shade for a while. Thunderstorms are predicted for tonight.

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