Artist Statement

Spinning spells, weaving wonder and creating mixed media artwork through a wide variety of ancient textile art techniques are the methods of magic I incorporate into my work as a stitch witch and fiber artist.  My passion is channeling the wisdom of the ancestors into contemporary creations with a focus on re-envisioning the value and visibility of what has been viewed traditionally as women’s work, or craft.

My desire to assist in healing the climate of our Mother Earth has led me to focus much of my work on the creative reuse and salvaging of materials. You will often find me spinning paper advertisements and plastic bags into the "fiber" of my creations, and foraging my yard and the gardens of friends for sustainable plants for weaving and dyeing.

Throughout my 30+ year career as an arts educator I have woven community together and provided creative inspiration for children and adults of all ages and abilities. With a desire to support my own health I utilize the somatic movements and contemplative practice of spinning yarn and weaving tapestries to connect mind, body and spirit.


After obtaining her B.A. in Interior Design (Michigan State University) and A.A.S. in Architectural Technology and a short career designing the interior spaces for corporate offices in Chicago high rise buildings, Pamela Penney turned her career path back toward her passion for fiber and textiles.  For over 30 years Pamela has had a studio practice that explores all the potential that a needle and thread possess.  She is currently focused on yarn spinning and tapestry weaving and utilizes primarily sustainable, salvaged and foraged materials in her 2D and 3D work. 

Pamela currently works from her studio in Oak Park Illinois where she has served on the board of directors for the Oak Park Art League and was a past board member of the Oak Park Arts District and Visit Oak Park.  As an arts educator for both children and adults, Pam guides her students to utilize the process of art making for health and well-being.