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Children’s Birthday Party Projects

Birthday party project descriptions:

All Ages (5 & up)

Sock Monster Doll–  Children will select a patterned sock and learn to cut, sew and stuff to create a crazy one-of-a-kind creature!

Felted Paper Weight- Children will select their own colors of wool roving and yarn and will create a decorative paper weight while learning the process of wet felting and having fun at the same time!

Dying to Weave! – First we will hand-dye yarn with Kool-Aid!  Then the kids will create a small weaving while learning “over-under-over-under!”

Felted Hat for your 18″ Doll – Wool roving will be wet felted and shaped to create a beautiful one of a kind hat for a Samantha, Molly or other similar sized doll!

Sock Snowman with Finger Knitted Scarf- A Snowman will be created complete with a clay carrot nose.  Then the kids will learn the skill of finger knitting a scarf  to keep “Frosty” warm!

Woven “Scandinavian” Felt Heart Basket – cut red and white felt into two halves of the traditional Scandinavian woven heart basket design.  Weave them together and decorate a beaded wire handle.

Ages 8 & up-

Nuno’ Felted Mini-Scarf – Silk gauze fabric and wool roving will be laid out and a process of rolling and thumping will be used to create a wet felted light weight scarf that is beautiful and practical.  It is a fun and magical project!

Felted Beads- Using wool roving we will create a felted snake or cane which is then cut with a bread knife to create a collection of 10-12 beads perfect for creating a piece of jewelry or to sew onto a jacket, purse or pillow!

Needle-felted wall hanging- Using wool fabric, wool roving and a needle felting needle, kids will “paint” with fiber to create their own unique textile art piece.

Sewing for your 18″ Doll–  Create this lovely cape and bonnet for your special Doll.  You can bring her to the party too!  We will show you and your friends how to cut out, sew both by hand and machine and embellish your special fleece cape design.

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