Register Today for The Spin to Activate 6-Day Online Retreat!

Looking For Some Sp-Inspiration?

Ready to Sprout the Seed of Something New?

Register Today for The Spin to Activate 6-Day Online Retreat!

Looking For Some Sp-Inspiration?

Ready to Sprout the Seed of Something New?

What is "A Spin to Activate"?

Welcome to Yarn Spinning for your Soul!  If you haven't yet had the opportunity, please read Spin to Activate HERE (Enter Access Code: ACTIVATE)

Do you struggle with the tendency to yo-yo from over-active multi-tasking over to exhausted collapse?

  • Each Spin to Activate retreat day you will receive an email into your inbox loaded with tips and techniques for transforming your yarn spinning experience to a contemplative practice that will resolve the tendency of hiding under the covers of your "bed of straw" or swinging over to disordered doing, doing, doing.  You will experience, hands-on,  the first chapter of "Spinning Straw Into Gold" a unique and revolutionary approach to contemplative practice.

You Will Receive:

  • Daily emails to take you on the Spin to Activate Adventure with activities which you can do right away or savor at your own pace
  • Guidance on Intention Setting for Activation
  • How to Claim and Create your Sacred Spin Space
  • Guidance on how to select the perfect fiber blend for Activation
  • Discounts on spinning tools and fibers
  • Journal prompts and PDF's to download for deeper sp-inspiration and reflection
  • Videos with basic drop spindle and spinning wheel instruction
  • Spin to Activate Preparation and Set-up Video
  • Instructions for creating a beautiful and unique "Art Yarn" that embodies the Activation Energy
  • A Guided Spin to Activate Mediation Video that you can access again and again to Activate your dormant dreams
  • The beginnings of a Daily Contemplative Practice that can be tapped into forever!

You Will Need:

  • A desire to establish a daily spinning routine that will lead you to be more productive, focused and at peace.
  • A spinning wheel or drop spindle and a bit of fiber (more on this in your Confirmation Email)
  • A few more optional tools for inspiration and creating the Activation Ambiance.  These will be provided in your Confirmation Email immediately upon your registration and payment




Meet Your Fibre-Godmother!

Your Guide and Fibre-Godmother on this Spin to Activate Adventure is Textile Artist and Stitch Witch, Pamela Penney.  Pam is passionate about sharing her love of the fiber arts and has been teaching children and adults for over 30 years.  As an artist and arts educator, harnessing the energies of the creative process and utilizing them to bring about the changes this world needs now is the magic Pam practices.  She works to inspire others to follow their own path to become Stitch Witch Sisters (no matter how you "identify"!)  Join her and soon you too, will be spinning your own spells and spinning your straw into GOLD!

Pamela Penney lives just outside of Chicago, Illinois where she "practices what she preaches" with a daily spin meditation and morning walks with her two adopted puppies.  Pam has remained active in her local arts community for over two decades, currently sitting on the board of the local Art League and as a founding core member of a community maker space initiative.  She continues to explore many directions and techniques with her artwork.  She exhibits and sells her art both locally and on-line and teaches in-person through local arts organizations.

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So, What Are You Waiting For?

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