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I’m Back

February 24, 2016

Ok, you might not have even missed me.  But whether you did or didn’t, let me explain where I was.  Mid-January my mother experienced a medical emergency requiring surgery.  I traveled to Michigan to help my dad while she was in the hospital.  I am happy to report that in just over a month’s time she is back home and recovering well.  Following that, early in February I was summoned for jury duty.  I served on a jury for a two week trial. (read about the experience at There Are No Coincidences) And that experience led me to something new.  A path I am just embarking upon.  Even I don’t really know where it will lead.  But I am inviting you along for the journey.  Please join me at A STITCH IN TIME SAVES.

And yes, I still plan to continue to post updates here on the work of my students and the activities in the studio.  I just have a feeling that the new blog is going to be a bit broader in perspective, more wholistic, encompassing  stories of not only the fiber and textile art that I create primarily out of salvaged and re-used materials, but my teaching of sewing and art as a way to relax and find enjoyment, and my practice of using energy healing and stitch as a method of mindful moving meditation.

To prove I am back in the studio I will share a few images of the fun I had this snowy afternoon with a couple of my young students.  We started “tape and foil” mixed media sculptures today.  I can not wait to see how they evolve over the next month!  Stay tuned and you can see the progress here too.  If you are ready to join me for some fun studio time please schedule your lesson time here at Schedulicity.  I hope to see you soon.  It feels good to be back!

Update:  See our completed sculptures and learn more about the process HERE.

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