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Reflections: Looking Back. Moving Forward

July 18, 2015

2014-01-22 17.40.08-3If I knew then what I know now.  What would you say to your young self?  Would you have listened?  Would it have changed anything? I painted and stitched this piece “Reflections” sometime in the past year. (Not sure exactly when) I painted over an older work that I wasn’t quite happy with.  The revised work shows an older (me perhaps?) woman looking back at her younger, dancing self who was spreading star dust with joy and abandon.  What did she want to tell her younger self?  What would the young self say to the older One?  Today I sold this piece.  Time to look forward.  Or just be content in the present?

I went to my high school graduation a couple of months ago.  Talk about Reflections!  35 years.  My quantum self wants to believe it just leapt here.  College, jobs, marriage, kids, house, travel, business: minutes, days, months, years.  I want time to stand still and let me be the One to FLY!

On another note related to TIME, I finally finished the TABLECLOTH!  Yes, I know I resolved to finish it in 2013 HERE (Check out that blog post for more photos and pattern details), But I’ve probably never kept a new year’s resolution in my life. So why did I think I would that time?  Anyway, after 18 years of knitting on it off and on between other projects, I completed it this week.  The final rows had over 2,000 stitches!  It will measure about 60 in. x 72 in. when I stretch and starch it.  I will be starching it soon (when I find a space to pin it out!) and will post some better photos.   As I mentioned before, I started knitting it for my daughter (when she was 2 years old) as a gift for her “adulthood”.  She turned twenty in April and will be a junior in college this fall.  I think I got it done in plenty of time!

Ready for starching!

Ready for starching!

stitching together the center of the oblong table cloth.

stitching together the center of the oblong table cloth.

As to what is in store for me next, stay tuned.  I feel a change is coming.  I’m growing tired of the safe little baby steps I’ve taken all of my life.  Maybe it’s time for a leap (FLY?).  Or maybe it will just be a shift in perspective (FLY higher?).  Last week was the New Moon.  Even the moon gets tired of reflecting once a month.  Time to set some new intentions and look forward…

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