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Winter Cold Snap Offers Opportunity For Stitch Therapy

February 22, 2015

As February 2015 churns out days that break record low temperatures here in Chicago-land, I continue to hibernate with my art projects.  I love being out in nature, but sub-zero wind chills are currently keeping me indoors most of the time.  So, I sit and stare out the window at the tree tops.  Empty branches, black in silhouette against the too often gray skies.  I call it “tree lace”, and let it inspire my work.  Recently I finished a felted and stitched “The Magic Tree” piece for the Oak Park Art League’s recent Color of Passion Exhibit.  And “A Stitch In Time Saves” for the One Earth Film Festival’s #LoveOneEarth Tourable Art Exhibit.  I continue to work on my ongoing in progress piece (working title) LiberTree.  Maybe in a couple of months when the tree tops out my window start to show buds of new spring growth and the winds turn to warmer breezes I will be finishing up this winter work.  That is the plan anyway!  Until  then I will enjoy my seasonal therapy.

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