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As Summer Fades to Fall

September 14, 2014

2014-09-06 14.59.16-1 My “100 Days of Summer” is now over.  To mark the season I posted a photo each day to show something I was thankful for and posted to my Facebook album.  My goal was to appreciate something each day, to slow down by observation and the showing of gratitude.  Now we move on to my favorite season, Autumn.  Again, I attempt to observe the slow changes as they creep into my daily life.  The shadows longer, the breeze cooler, the humidity gone and each stretch of daylight is slightly shorter than the previous.  The flowers are losing their vibrant colors and the grasses are getting tall and sprouting their lovely plumes.  I am reminded of my childhood, raised on the farm when the field corn tassels started to turn dark golden and the oats prepared themselves for harvest.  And although I am missing the vibrant energy, noise and laughter of the Summer Art Camps in the studio, I am enjoying more quiet time and a chance to turn my attentions back to my own creative endeavors over the last couple of weeks.  Please enjoy some of my inspiration photos from this past week and the start to some new painting/textile projects.  What will I harvest this season?  What will you?

2014-09-12 14.42.08

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