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So-Long Sewing Studio Students :(

May 5, 2014

Sadly, today was the last After School Open Sewing Studio of the Winter/Spring Session.  Starting in early February we offered a drop-in class at the studio for kids ages 8 & up every Monday afternoon.  Each week I had a lovely crew of creatives join me for stitching and fiber fun.  We started things off with tote-bag backpacks and some heart-shaped pillows for Valentine’s Day, some swirly six panel skirts, monster dolls, cupcake pincushions, doll clothes and more.  The first several sessions I plan a project idea, then after the students get familiar with using the sewing machines and have had some time to learn the sewing skills, I urge them to come up with their own ideas and I help to facilitate their creative vision.  It is so much fun to see their ideas come to life!  Today we had some mother’s day gifts (shhh, I’m not spoiling any surprises here!) and some cute leg warmers.  And the most unusual project was designed by an aspiring scientist:  a felted version of the standard model (similar to the periodic table).  It was beautiful and practical too! Please enjoy the slide show:

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