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Clean Slate: February

February 1, 2014

2014-01-31 17.35.392014 is off to a sputtering start here in the studio.  I just blinked and here it is already February!  I know many of you are also feeling this way.  All of those new years intentions getting lost in the daily grind(er) of life.  But, we must not get dis-heartened!  This is the month of the heart.  Let it lead you.  Try to think with it equally, balanced with your mind.  Intentions are fine, but our true desires must become our priorities, or they just remain our dreams and never find their way into our realities.  I’ve found that it sometimes feels impossible to put aside the time to identify what my priorities really are and organize my life around them.  My computer/cellphone calendars reflect all of the scheduled “have to’s”.   My hand written journal calendar is the place I compile my to do’s with not just my obligations, but those dream projects I’d love to bring to life.  Then week by week I write in what I actually spent my time on.  Color coding by home & family stuff, personal, work stuff, etc.  At the end I can see how I did.  Did I create some balance in how my time was used?  Did I actually follow my heart’s desires or get caught up in the desires of outside forces?  It is my life and my time after all.  Who and what have I mortgaged it away to?

I’ve been inspired this past month by the intentions of an artist friend of mine.  She has the goal of creating “art every damn day” for the year of 2014.  This while holding down a couple of other jobs!  And her creations alone would be an inspiration, even if they didn’t get posted “every damn day”.  I know if she can set her priority and do this there is hope that I can put aside a few moments each week to devote to the artwork I want to produce.

I’ve been squeezing out little pockets of time over the last few months to work on the “heart’s desire” projects that I have been storing in the recesses of my mind for ages (all my life).  I know they are my heart’s desire projects because when I am working on them I lose track of time, feel at peace, feel joy and ease while in the process.  Yes, at times (many times) this feels luxurious and I feel guilt at knowing that I can devote my time to my passions while others are struggling through days of menial labor trying to put food on their family tables.  But, it is my prayer for a world where joy can come to everyone through their talents, skills and ability to utilize their time in the way that rewards them not just monetarily but psychically and spiritually too.  What better way to start than with myself?  It is really the only place I can start.  And the only place you can start is with yourself.  So, clean your slate, put a little time aside to follow your dreams and passions.  Use your talents in the best way you can this month.  Try it for just a month.  See if you find a little more joy.  Follow your heart!

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