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There’s Only One Thing Wrong With This Dress

May 11, 2013

P1050114This is Eve.  I met Eve about 7 years ago.  She signed up for an after-school knitting class I was teaching at her school when she was in second grade.  Eve has been in and out of my studio many times over the past few years creating many items.  Eve is a fashion star in the making.  Ok, maybe she’s already there.  She participated in the Fashion Camp that I taught last summer and this winter she made a pantsuit/jumper and this, her 8th grade dance dress.  The fabric is a beautiful polished cotton floral print that her father brought back for her from Kenya.  It has a scalloped hemline, pleats, fitted bodice, invisible zipper and halter-back details.  She has worked on it each Saturday afternoon since the beginning of April.  She came in this afternoon for the final fitting and finishing.  She put it on with her 5 inch platforms and this is were everything changed.  Suddenly, the little girl I’ve known all these years looked 25!  What is wrong with the dress?  It made me cry to see her so grown up.  She looks so lovely and so proud (as she should be) of what she accomplished.  I’m sure there will be many lovely young ladies at the dance this evening, but not many who can say they made their own dress!

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  1. lkstamp permalink
    May 11, 2013 9:20 pm

    She looks fantastic–what a great job she did on that dress!

  2. Wendy Planek permalink
    May 12, 2013 7:14 am

    Pam – what a great story and what a talented young woman Eve is!

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