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Intentions, Planning & Gratitude

May 3, 2013


This morning I spent sometime setting my intentions for the month of May.  I prefer to set intentions monthly rather than a long list of annual resolutions, or weekly to do lists (although, I still have a few of those) or setting GOALS.  Goals seem like a sure fire way to failure.  Intentions ask questions:  where am I headed?  what are the steps to that destination?  how do I enjoy the journey?  Intentions let the universe know what you yearn for, they send the energy out there.  They allow the universe to answer.  This month I am setting the intention to remain unattached to outcome.  Sometimes (ok, all of the time) the universe answers, but not in the way we picture it.  I am trying to let things play themselves out, not hold on to the way I think they should resolve, but possibly allowing them to come together in a way I might not have been able to envision.


I also spent time creating my monthly calendar in my planning journal.  Yes, I draw it out with pen on paper.  I do also have a scheduling calendar on my computer which syncs to my cell phone.  That is different.  The computer calendar is where I put in appointments that I have scheduled and it gives me handy “alerts” when something is about to occur.  The journal calendar is where I write in how I actually spent my time.  (Documenting it after the fact in most cases)  If something is set in stone I write it in with pen, but if it could change I pencil it in, then go over it in pen when it actually happens.  I also use a variety of ink colors to code it to what type of activity it is.  Blue ink is for my studio work, red ink is time teaching or an appointment with a student, green indicats time spent on my work for the Oak Park Arts District either as Art Camp Director or Board Member, and finally black ink for personal time!  I got the inspiration for this calendar from another blogger, Warrior Girl.


April Full~  time to reflect and move on!

April Full~ time to reflect and move on!

When I reflect over the past month’s calendar I can easily see if I kept everything in balance, and I can look at it with gratitude for a full and satisfying month spent.  This process gives me time to physically slow down and process how I spend my time.  So much of life is racing and reacting.  This is restorative and reflective.  It is about a clean slate!  It is about a glass full!  May looks wide open ~ I can’t wait to see what May will Manifest for Me!

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  1. May 3, 2013 12:53 pm

    Your system is very impressive and I like it Pam. I have such difficulty following through on keeping up with things like this. I WANT to do them, I just never seem to actually DO them. Often I find myself thinking great thoughts as I lie awake in bed. I ponder putting a notebook next to the bed so I can get these things down before I forget them. I often feel that if I just got up and started right then, it would be more productive than trying to sleep. I have always appreciated the notion of making an intention (hence my ‘dress with intention’ closet audits and philosophy….oh, you wouldn’t know about that since I set up my blog space and have not yet used it!! Can’t seem to get beyond the idea that I should have photographs/imagery in place before putting up any ideas….).I admire your organization and ability to keep creating. Perhaps I will try your system to see if it will help me over my roadblocks. – Eva

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