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Studio Static

April 10, 2013

Static Cling:  (triboelectric effect)

There are only two months in Chicago when the humidity is not too high (creating hair frizz) or too low (creating static cling).  Usually we hit one of those months at about this time of year when it starts to warm up a little.  The other perfect humidity month comes in late fall.  Static Cling drives me crazy in the studio when I am sewing or using the overcast/serger.  Those threads and fiber stick to everything (mostly me).  And I walk out looking like Chewbacca or a string mop.  Today I noticed that I was still dealing with clingy fibers at the sewing machine.  I am so looking forward to brushing threads off to the floor and actually having them land there rather than throwing themselves at my pants.

Static Noise:  (audible interference)

Yesterday I asked my dear son to come to the studio to help finish up the large mural paintings that I worked on with the Ames Middle School children to create over the past few months.  There were a few touch ups on the paint to be done and a few coats of varnish to be applied before I can send them off to the contractor for installation in the Zapata building that is under construction.  A perfect task for my son who is currently living at home, taking one term off from college.  He recently turned 20 and is at the stage of life when anything is possible yet the decisions are daunting. He has a lot on his mind and this gave him the perfect opportunity to air some of these thoughts while brushing the varnish on.  He talked for most of the 6 hours, non-stop!  I welcome the time together, and that he is interested in expressing some of these thoughts to me, and is open to my opinions or suggestions.  But, it meant that what I thought I was going to accomplish at work yesterday just didn’t really happen.  I got things done, just not according to plan!

Static:  (showing little change, no movement)

So, I have been making a real effort to schedule time each week in the studio without distractions.  Holding that time sacred and not letting in interference is the goal.  It has been very nice to get into the creative “zone” and see some actual production on my ideas.  But it is still a true effort every day not to get side tracked by email, phone, hunger, family needs, etc.  I read a blog post from another artist today about how she started a project and working on it for 13 hours straight!  Heading off to bed at 1:00 am.  I have to set an alarm at my studio so that if I do lose track of time I will get home in time to make dinner and get the car to my son for his evening classes.  I have had several uninterupted hours in the studio in the past week or two, and for that I am very thankful.  And I am pleased with the direction some of my ideas are going.   So, when I only have a limited time to create, I just do something – anything.  NO MORE STATIC IN THE STUDIO!


A work in progress….(my life)

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  1. April 10, 2013 8:59 pm

    Love it!

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