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Birthday’s In The Studio!

March 4, 2013

Yes, today was mine.  Another year older and wiser?  Fortunately I get to celebrate many birthdays each month with kids that are very excited to turn another year older.  Yesterday we celebrated Lyndsay’s birthday with her first grade friends by making Sock Snowmen!  8 girls stitched, stuffed, added beady eyes and a finger knit scarf to make what I think were the sweetest snowmen of the season.  Named “Softy”, “Fred” and “Stuffy”, they made quite a cute party for 7 year olds, while the kids mastered hand sewing techniques.  Last month Ella Jane and her friends made heart pillows and we had a couple more “nuno-felted scarf” parties!  It’s been a busy winter so far!

Today was our weekly “After School Open Sewing Studio”.  So, I decided to have the kids create cupcake pin cushions in honor of my birthday.  The perfect cake for me, zero calories and high in fiber!  They took their creations home today, complete with the sewing pin “sprinkles”.   I had a very sweet birthday with my young friends.  And yes, my students do keep me young!  A perfect way to spend my birthday~  When it’s time for your party, give us a call.  Young or old we’ll make it creatively special for you and your friends!  (Yes, adults, even you can still have a fun party in the studio).

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