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My Knit-Years Resolution 2013

December 30, 2012

I rarely make resolutions, but this year is going to be an exception.  You see I started a project in 1997 and I think it’s about time I get it finished.  My daughter was two years old at the time and I thought I would start something for her “dowry”.  For those of you under the age of 85 a dowry is the money, goods or estate that a woman brings to a marriage.  In this case it is handmade “goods”.  And my intention was for her to have something special for her adulthood, whether she marries or not.  Fast forward to 2013.  My daughter, Audrey will be turning 18 this coming April and she will also be graduating from high school this spring.  So, the lace knitted tablecloth that I started for her needs to get done!

detail 1

This will be the third tablecloth that I have knitted.  The first two were for each of my sisters when they got married in the 80’s.  This one is larger.  It will be approx. 64″x 78″ oval when finished.  It started with 200 stitches cast on, knit on a size zero circular needle and knitted in the round.  I am currently on row 214 with 1600 stitches!  The even rows are plain knit and the odd rows have a pattern of k2 tog. and sl. 1, k. 1, psso with yarn overs to increase the number of stitches so that it continues to get bigger around the circumference.  The dinner cloth size has 276 rows.  So, I’m only 62 rows and over 100,000 stitches from being finished!  This pattern is the “Lilac Time Dinner Cloth” from the “Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting” by Marianne Kinzel (I own the First Book too!)  The book was originally published in 1961, my revised edition was published in 1972 by Dover.

This has been my go-to project in between other smaller knitting projects over the last decade and a half.  It has traveled with me, gone to knitting group, gotten lost in my piles, and I’ve lost track of where I am in the pattern several times!  But now I’ve gotten back on track, found where I left off on the charted pattern.  Winter break is a great time to pull out a UFO (un-finished object) and resolve to complete it.  I’ll keep you posted on when I get it done.  In the meantime, I don’t think Audrey has any formal dinners planned, so I have a few months to work on it!  Tell me about your UFO’s and your Knit-Years Resolutions too!

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