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I (Heart) U

November 22, 2012

Watching the parades (on TV) this morning reminded me of a knitting project from a couple of years ago.  I had a request from a stylist for a pair of hand knit mittens in white with I (heart) NY.   They were to be worn by  the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend, Sandra Lee in the Thanksgiving Day Parade that year.  How excited I was to be making something for a Food Network Star!  As it turned out the day of the parade was too warm for wool felted mittens and she didn’t need them.  Well, I saw a  a news article a couple of weeks ago that said Sandra and Andrew were still in the dark after hurricane Sandy.   Sadly, many people were left in the dark for many days after the storm.  And many are still not back in their homes, have lost family photos, pets, homes, and more.

I have no idea where these mitts ended up.  But I do hope they kept someone warm, brought them comfort and a smile.  And I hope that New York and the rest of the East Coast recovers quickly.  While I am incredibly filled with gratitude for all of the blessings in my life this Thanksgiving Day, my joy is somewhat dampened by the knowledge that others are suffering.  My prayers are with those whose holidays will be a little less joyful this year because of the ravages of this storm or for those who have lost a love one, a dear pet, are suffering with illness or are facing other challenges this year.  If you are reading this and need a woolen mitten waving at you or a Hug from someone, HERE it is …… I (heart) U~   

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