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Papaver Vert – A Tour of TAFA!

November 7, 2012

The Textile And Fiber Art List is an international group of inspirational artists featuring everything from Contemporary Quilters to Traditional Weavers and everything fiber in between.  Today I am sharing the work of another fabulous felter (lest you think I am alone in the world of wool).  Visit Papaver Vert were you can see in Patty Benson’s hand wool is magically transformed.  Below you will see her explanation of the felting vs. fulling process.  Like me, Patty uses both processes in her work.  Her work is crisp, clean contemporary and crocheted!  Take a look for yourself.  Then check out some of the other profiles on the TAFA website.  You might just find something in time for holiday gift giving.  



Patty Benson founded Papaver Vert in 2007 turning her small apartment into a creative studio in Northern California. 

Based on form, function and bold color, Papaver Vert crafts contemporary homeware and jewelry. Each piece is wet felted and sculpted creating simple, beautiful and functional art.

Patty’s designs are hand crafted using two different techinques – crocheting wool/mohair yarn and then wet felting the piece or by hand felting merino wool – the first using a more updated felting technique, the second more ancient. 

A former visual designer for Crate & Barrel and an assistant designer for Old Navy, Patty currently works as a textile restoration specialist while creating her line in her Alameda studio. She finds the two go hand in hand – working on very old, rare wool rugs and creating new and bold pieces with wool. She loves that wool is timeless.



About Felting

Have you ever thrown your favorite wool sweater into the wash only to find it shrunken beyond recognition? This would be your introduction to felting! Or “fulling” which would be more term correct.

When you subject animal hair (wool, mohair, merino, angora, alpaca etc) to moisture, heat and agitation, the scales of the fiber open up and become entangled, causing the item to shrink and create a firm, dense, matted material.

“Fulling” is where you take an existing woven (or knitted, crocheted) fabric, then agitate it with hot water and soap to create a solid piece of material. 

“Felting” is an ancient technique using raw wool (we’re talking wool straight from the sheep that has been cleaned) that produces a non woven solid piece of material when the wool is subjected to heat, moisture and pressure combined


You can visit my TAFA page here:  Pamela Penney On TAFA!

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  1. November 7, 2012 11:08 pm

    Nice post, Pamela! Patty does such a great job with her felted works and her photography is amazing. I didn’t realize that she had worked for Crate & Barrel and Old Navy, so I guess that those experiences must have helped her with her savvy presentation and marketing. There you go… I learned something new!

    Thanks for taking part of our TAFA Tour!

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