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Fabulous Fashion Camp!

August 13, 2012

Just a few weeks ago I teamed up with Germaine Caprio of Majamas for the second year in a row to offer a Fashion Design Camp in the Oak Park Arts District.

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We expanded the “Apprenticeship Camp” to all-day rather than the half-day we offered last summer for students ages 10 years and up.   I had the students for half of the day and then they went to see Germaine at Majamas Boutique for the other half of the day.  On Monday each student started with 3 yards of white cotton.  The students learned about fiber reactive dying and some low-immersion techniques for creating one-of-a-kind art fabric.  I went home, washed and dried 39 yards of fabric that evening and returned with it to class on Tuesday morning.  The students worked with Germaine to name their “line”  and to create a logo design.  They decided on their target market and began the sketches of their collections.  Back with me at Pamela Penney Textile Arts we chose one design from their collection to create a pattern and began the cutting and sewing process.  A dozen students each with a unique garment design!  We created circle skirts, jackets with and without hoods, skirts with beaded hemlines, sundresses with scalloped hemlines, sundresses with gathered skirts and sheath dresses with buttons down the back and a uniquely designed dress that had multiple ties down the back!  So many creative ideas and the deadline was Friday afternoon!  Well, they all came through to completion.   Whether they had ever sewn or not, they were determined to see their ideas come to life.  The presentation to friends and family on Friday was wonderful.  Each student explained their inspiration board and their design drawings and they all modeled their completed garments.  It was an exciting and tiring week, and we had so much fun.   I love how the exposure to these fresh new designers helps me regain my enthusiasm for design and creation.  I can now bring that fresh excitement back with me into my own design process.  And that is the real (selfish) reason I like to teach.

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