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Not One To Brag

June 15, 2012

But when one nice thing in a very crazy week happens, it stands out.   The first week of the Children’s Summer Art Camp Program in the Oak Park Arts District is always both exciting and exhausting for me.  As the Art Camp Director  I coordinate the schedule for 20 different businesses and studios in the district, providing an eclectic creative experience for 60 children ages 5 to 11 years for two weeks.  Each child spends almost an hour and a half each morning or afternoon with two different studios.   Making sure that each child gets to the right location each day, that the counselors have sign in sheets each morning and teachers know about issues regarding how to walk the kids around construction sites in the district is enough to make a week very crazy. So, add to it my getting to the studio Monday morning at 8 am to find the lock jammed by a tiny twig broken off so that I had to take my lock cylinder out to fix it.  Continue all the way through to this morning (Friday) when I spilled my full cup of coffee down between the stove and the adjacent cabinet on my way out the door.

So it was a pleasure when “Aunt ‘Chelle” came into the studio on Thursday morning with her two teenage nieces to learn to nuno-felt.  The girls were visiting from Indiana as they do each summer and filling up with fun activities in the Chicago area.  We had so much fun dying the silk gauze shades of amethyst and sunshine yellow.  Then laying out the wool, wetting, soaping, rolling rubbing and wacking.  (yes, I said it)  It was just the therapy I needed this week.  It was great to see a 15 & 17 year old having so much fun with their aunt.  They all ended up with a lovely felted scarf as a momento of their experience.

So, you are wondering where the bragging part comes.  Well, near the end of our two hour Felt-fest they told me that this ranked up there with seeing the Lichtenstein Exhibit at the Art Institute and the Chicago Blues Fest.  Both of which they had really enjoyed.  My studio may never become a Chicago tourist destination, but  for two young women this week it was up there on their list.  And it made my week too!

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