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23 Thank you’s and TGIF

March 16, 2012

We’ve had unseasonable, record breaking temperatures for Chicago this week and with the time change the sunshine has been a blessing.  But despite all of that it has been a challenging week.  Nothing in particular.  Sad news about a distant once close family member.  Un-explainable fatigue.  Too much to get done in the usual too little time with many interruptions.  So, how do you finish off a week like that?  Well, I have completed my work as the guest teaching artist for the Art Start Program.  For 6 weeks I visited Ms. Amber Mabry’s 2nd grade classroom and Beye Elementary School and worked with them to create a “50 States Art Quilt”.  Today we unveiled the creation to the parents and friends of the students at an after school reception.  It was so fun to see the quilt assembled.  The children were very excited to share the work they had done.  From hand dying fabric and yarn to stitching and embellishing, each student learned a great deal about textile art and the features of the two states they were assigned to create their quilt squares.  What did I get???  A great deal of joy in sharing my skills and 23 thank you notes!  Today they presented me with the hand written notes that each child had written and it was so much fun to read their comments.  It was a very nice way to end a crazy week.

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