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Is it a hat? Is it a bowl?

February 6, 2012


I can’t wait to find out!  For the last four weeks on Saturday afternoons we’ve had a lovely little group of 9 year old girls into the studio for fiber art lessons.  Tess, Hannah, Gianna, Alison and Caroline have done everything from needle felting, sewing, pillow making, tote bag design and learning to thread their sewing machines.  Last Saturday we created vessels with wool.  Layers of wool roving were placed over a form, careful wetting with warm water, the addition of soap and after what seemed like hours to the girls of rubbing, thumping and rolling, we ended up with these lovely bowls.  Or are they hats for their dolls?  I won’t know until next Saturday, when they plan to embroider, and add beads.  I guess we’ll see which way they land then!

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Follow Up!  For those of you who have been waiting….some turned into bowls and some turned into doll hats!  Beads were added and they turned out beautiful.  What a great group of students!


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