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How We Spent Columbus Day!

October 11, 2011

For us Columbus Day means time for fun in the studio!  The kids had the day off school, so they channeled their energies to create some spooky Halloween decorations!  We started the day with our “Day’s Off School” in the Oak Park Arts District  program.  A fun group of children came in and felted a spider-web complete with a big black (woolly) spider!!!  Using grey pencil roving they “spun” a web and with wool roving they laid out a big black spider on top.   After some wetting, soaping, rolling and rubbing they ended up with quite a creepy felted wool decoration.

After lunch we had birthday party for Ella.  She and her friends went wild with the sock monster project!  First they made stuffed and stitched Jack-o-lanterns.  Then they came up with some pretty crazy sock monsters!  All in all a really fun day off of school!!

Remember – Veteran’s Day is just around the corner.  Where will your child be????  Schedule now for some fun time in the studio~~~~


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