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Where did July Go?

August 1, 2011

It was a fast, fabulous and fun month here in the studio.  July means teaching kids the fun of fiber and fashion!  We have in the last four weeks had a Fabulous Fiber Art Camp, a Fun Fashion Design Camp, 10 different sewing and design students and a couple of knitting students and we aren’t done for the summer yet!  I want to share a few of the photos of the sewing students we’ve had this summer.  More about what we did in the Fiber Camp and the Fashion Camp will be posted soon!

First we have Miss M and Miss S.  They’ve been in to the studio the past couple of summers.  At age 8 they had big ideas for what they wanted to sew this summer.  First I had them draw their design and label the features of the garment.  We had two lovely strapless dress designs with layers of ruffles.  Now, I explained that as a designer sometimes what you envision and what you end up creating can be quite different, but that sometimes the results are better than you could have expected.  With that we drew up the flat pattern pieces and calculated their fabric needs.  Off they went with grandma to the fabric store to purchase an “under” fabric of a knit jersey and an over fabric of sheer “delight”!  Miss M chose bright pink with silver sparkles and Miss S chose the same fabrics in deep blue.  Miss M’s design had wider layers of ruffles starting higher on the dress and Miss S had a dropped waist with narrow ruffles layered on the skirt only.

These girls came a total of 5 three hour lessons and 3 two hour lessons.  We gathered and ruffled and inserted invisible zippers.  They were so thrilled with the results!  At the last lesson we even had time to create embellishments and accessories.  We melted the edges of our flower petals with a candle and made flower accessories including a choker, bracelet and pin.  What a fun time they had and what beautiful results.  I can’t wait to hear where they wear their gowns.  I bet they will be the envy of all their friends!

We also had Miss J and Miss E come in to the studio to sew and create this summer.  Miss J made this very cute plum and print tote bag and a pair of pajama pants.  Miss E made fleecy pillows for everyone in her family and a cute cotton purse!  They also had time to do some needle felting too!

The students have learned everything from zippers and button holes to gathering and hand stitching and I’ve learned to stay patient even when I’ve helped pick the same seam out to fix it three times and when I’ve had to fix the bobbin thread yet again, because someone forgot to lower the pressure foot!  It is all worth it when you see the results and the smiles.

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