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Creating for the Creative

March 13, 2011

In the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to create two one of a kind garments for two lovely artistic and creative women.   Chris, a talented artist and teacher, came in with a bag of sweaters in shades of olive, chocolate and sand.  I loved the colors and couldn’t wait to dive in and piece together this playful tunic.  Chris had already “fulled” (washed and created felt fabric) from the sweaters, so they were all ready to go!  Chris also provided some funky buttons in the color scheme and those finished the garment off perfectly.  I had a lot of fun filling this order and I can picture her wearing it to school and sharing her creative vision with her middle school students!

The second garment was for Brenda.  She brought me some lovely cashmere and wool sweaters to work with.  And that was a couple of years ago!  I don’t know what happened exactly.  Somehow, this project just didn’t get off the ground.   I was just blocked with how to proceed on this.  I think I was worried about it not being what she wanted.  But once I got rolling this one too, was a lot of fun to create and Brenda looked perfect when she tried it on.  It has definitely gotten me on a roll again and I am currently working on several new garments.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in business, bookkeeping, store keeping, organizing, and let the creating time get pushed onto the “back burner” as they say.  It was nice to put creating time back on the priority list and I am looking forward to sharing some more new things with you soon!

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