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New Tinker’s Creations at the Gallery!

February 25, 2011

Jude Wroblewsi is the creative lady behind Tinker’s Creations.  What is Tinker Creations you ask?  

The dictionary defines tinker as a wandering mender of household utensils, a gypsy; and that is just how Jude states that her life has been.  However, throughout all of her travels, experiences and life lessons; art has been a major focus.  Jude’s art experience began in school while growing up in the Chicago area, and continued on through the University of Hawaii, and now in the rural Southern part of Oregon.


Jude has been using her creative force for the past few years to create beautiful jewelry.  Using gemstones, glass, polymer clay in combination with her contemporary use of macramé and kumihimo braiding.  We are so excited to have some of her new pieces in the gallery this spring.  We have lariats, chokers and necklaces to adorn your spring fashions. Or they make a lovely gift for that special someone in your life.  Think ahead for mother’s day and she can create a special piece for you in the colors you desire based on her current designs.  Just contact the gallery and we’ll help coordinate your special order with Tinker’s Creations!

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