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What to Wear???

January 23, 2011

Well here is Chicagoland it has been hovering well below freezing this week.  Friday it was below zero!  And yes, it is a challenge to dress stylishly yet warm.  Most mornings I struggle to figure out how many layers I can put on, walk through snow and ice and yet be comfortable doing whatever I have planned for at the studio that day.  Many days I have students and will be standing a lot, so comfortable shoes are a must.  Looking good gets put way down on the priority list when answering the question “what should I wear today”.  Despite all of this I was featured this week as a style inspiration in Christina Pippen’s Fashion Blog for  Read it HERE!

She caught me 0n a ‘good day’.  And many days I should put forth a little more effort.  But yes, I try.  While being fashionable might not be the most important issue in the world.  It does help to boost confidence, and project a professional image to my customers.   So, thanks Christina, for such a nice article to boost my confidence and make me feel better about January in Chicago.

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