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Un-Seasonably Warm….treat yourself now for the up-coming cold!!!

November 10, 2010

Well, here we are the first week of November and it is still close to 70 degrees in Chicago!!!  It’s hard to think about winter temperatures and upcoming snows.  But, as we are all well aware we could be just a month away from our first snowfall and we must be ready when it comes!  So, my family and I washed storm windows and put them on last weekend.  The air-conditioners came out of the windows the week before.  We’ve been busy raking and taking in deck furniture too.  But, none of those things are any fun.  What is fun about the change of seasons?  Treating yourself to a beautiful new accessory that is one-of-a-kind and warm too!!  We have many new hand felted and hand dyed scarves to stave off that winter chill that is just around the corner.  We have recently dropped off several to the Illinois Artisan Shop in the Thompson Center Building (2nd floor).  So, if it is difficult to get to our Oak Park location, please stop in there to check out some of the new pieces.   These are a few of the newer items ~ we have many more in the gallery and would love to have you stop in soon!!!

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