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Sew Scary

October 26, 2010

I can’t believe the last post was from April.  I won’t even start with all the things that we’ve been up to here at the studio.  And even though it is my intention to post again more frequently, I make no promises.  Real life away from the computer gets in the way sometimes.  I will always put creative time before most everything else.  But now I will elaborate on one of the things that has kept me very busy the last 6 months.  Sewing Lessons!

Yes, this past summer was filled with new students, both children and adults, learning to use their machines to create a huge variety of items.  Many pajamas, pillows, sundresses and more were finished over the last few months.  But the most creative of the lot was completed today!  Katherine started sewing with me in the spring.  She first finished a blue cotton summer dress, moved on to red dog paw print p.j.’s.  The last several weeks she has been working on a one-of-a-kind halloween costume of her own design.  Her concept was to be an eighteenth century ghost.  Not the white sheet variety.  But a realistic ghostly female in a long flowing ripped and ethereal gown.  Her blue and white satin dress was created with rust stains, raveled edges and today we use a candle flame to melt holes in the sheer cape.  But most imortantly is the cutting and sewing involved in the project.  For weeks Katherine has been laying out, cutting and sewing.  A long gown has many pieces and many seams!  A bodice with puffy set-in sleeves, lace around the neckline a tulle slip.  Then Katherine sketched her ideas for the bonnet that she wanted to make.  We used fabric and heavy interfacing and she made the hat to finish the look!  Here are a few pictures of her process.

And here you can see the scary and completed look!  Katherine turns 12 this Saturday and plans to wear her costume for the party.  I don’t think there will be another 12 year old with a costume quite so detailed and well made.  She should be very pleased with herself.  I know I’m thrilled with her accomplishment!  Perfect for a halloween birthday celebration!

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