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Thanks to those who came to help celebrate our 2nd Year!

March 20, 2010

Thank you friends and customers and fellow artists in the Oak Park Arts District for stopping by last night to celebrate our 2nd year at 130 Harrison Street.  Expanding the business just as the world was making major readjustments has certainly been interesting.  I had always had a multi-directional business plan, hoping to expand the retail sales here of my own designs as well as start to represent more local and regional textile artists in the gallery, to continue to create my own items here in the studio and wholesale to other galleries and to offer more classes and private lessons in the studio space.  My thinking had been that if one area is slow the other directions will pick up the slack.  Well, starting or expanding any business is time consuming and requires a great deal of creative energy (leaving much less than I expected for my own creative work).  Retail has (as you’ve probably heard) been slower than in previous years.  So, that leaves the teaching of classes and lessons.  Which, thanks to my wonderful students, has been a great aspect to my work in the last two years here.  I love to see the creative spark in others and to hopefully share some technical knowledge of knitting (I’ve been doing it for over 40 years – making me either and expert or obsessed!), sewing (my mother was and expert and she shared everything she knew – old school), crocheting, felting, dying, etc.  I think as times are difficult we must continue to nurture ourselves and our creative aspects (yes, I believe we are all creative ~ it’s human nature).  A time set aside to learn something new and express ourselves is sacred time.  So, please if you can’t come join me here in the studio to create, find a time and a place in your life to create.  It will feed your soul and the world needs that.  And if you can join me, I’d love to share what I know.  Check out our latest schedule of classes and if nothing fits your time frame, let me know and we can schedule something at your convenience.  And I’m looking forward to another year here at the studio (and yes, I’m finding more time to create again myself so stop-in sometime to see what I’m working on)!!!

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