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Summer Sewing!

July 15, 2009
It has been a popular summer to learn to sew!  We have had many students that have embarked on the challenge of creating their own garments.  From learning to read a sewing pattern to modifying a vintage dress pattern the sewing students have taken on the task and fell in love with the idea of creating something one of a kind that only they own… because they can say they made it themselves!   We had a great group of 10-13 year old girls come for two weeks every afternoon for sewing camp.  Grace, Elaine, Maeve, Mimi and Mary made very cute cotton sundresses, some pillows, purses and a few aprons and they also can say with confidence that they can fill a bobbin and thread their own sewing machines too!
I have also been working with a very creative sophmore in high school, Veronica,  who has transformed the fabric her father brought home to her from a trip he took into some very fun tops, shorts and a dress.  She took on the task of putting in an invisible zipper with complete success.  She is fast on her way to designing some of her own items and is making a pillow for her mother to give away as a gift as well!
Kate is a hip young woman in her twenties that has her own fun style and she has been bringing in the vintage fabrics she finds on her resale shopping excursions along with some interesting vintage patterns.  She has modified and learned to alter the patterns slightly to fit her shape and style.
Are you interested in learning how that old machine your grandmother gave you works?  Want to transform your current wardrobe in a fun and unique way?  Need to hem something, learn to put in a buttonhole or zipper?  Need help understanding what the pattern is telling you to do?  Want your daughter to learn to sew?  Give us a call and schedule a private lesson or a class for you and a few friends.  Sewing is not just for your Grandmother!!!!
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