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Earth Day and the Rain Barrel Project

April 23, 2009

img_3586The League of Women Voters in Oak Park are sponsoring a “rain barrel” project this summer.  Oak Parker’s will be decorating and displaying rain barrels to be used for the collection of rain water.  This is eco-friendly as it saves water from being pushed back through the sewer system, saving our community the cost associated with filtering the water.  A simple garden hose can be attached to the rain barrel and easily used to water household plantings and gardens.  In keeping with my textile background, I have decorated my barrel with a lace-knitted “cozy”.  This was knit with heavy duty rope and will hold up to the elements.  A simple “hosing” off will keep it clean!  This barrel will be on display in front of Pamela Penney Textile Arts, 130 Harrison all summer long.  Come over to Harrison Street in the Oak Park Arts District and see all the artist’s barrels on display.  The Arts District will be raffling off these artist’s barrels in September at our “Art On Harrison” event.

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